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From Guy Rouillier <guyr-...@burntmail.com>
Subject Re: SqlSession.close() without committing
Date Wed, 07 Apr 2010 17:06:37 GMT
On 4/7/2010 9:50 AM, Clinton Begin wrote:
> This is what has killed J2EE vs. the alternatives.  Look at the history:

Not to start a flame war, but ...

> * CMP - Spec.  Dead, along with all implementations.
> * EJB - Spec.  Dead.  Spring killed it -- not a spec.

EJB3 is very much alive.  The spec people learned from experience; EJB3 
uses straight POJOs.  Spring tries to be all things, and doesn't really 
do any of them exceptionally well.  I don't use it because of its 
massive footprint.  Sure, you can use subcomponents in isolation, if you 
can figure out how to decompose it.  But I prefer targeted tools that do 
one thing very well.  Hence, my attraction to iBATIS.

> * JDO - Spec.  Dead, along with all implementations.
> * JSF - DOA.  Bad idea to begin with, and has failed to unify client
> side Java.  Struts, GWT, Wickett, Stripes, ZK, Tapestry, etc.  all still
> exist -- and are more popular than JSF -- all without a spec.

JSF use is increasing, not decreasing.  My company has committed to it 
for several major projects in the last 6 months alone.  We've also used 
GWT for other projects.  JSF is more of a server-based technology than a 
client technology, and different applications may need one approach or 
the other.  I'm sure each of the tools you list has pluses and minuses; 
I haven't used them all.  Struts I think has seen its day, and usage is 
declining in favor of newer approaches.

Guy Rouillier

Guy Rouillier

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