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From "Morearty, Brian" <Brian_Morea...@intuit.com>
Subject newbie Q: get back generated key with Oracle
Date Wed, 24 Mar 2010 18:11:32 GMT
Hi, here's a newbie question: 


I'm using iBATIS, Ibator, and Oracle. I have a "businesses" table. I
also created a "businesses_sequence" sequence so I can autogenerate
primary keys. (Apparently Oracle does it that way instead of allowing an
autoincrement column.)


How do I get back the primary key after an insert statement? (So I can,
for example, add reference the thing I just inserted from other tables.)


Originally I was using a before-insert trigger to select the next value
from the sequence but I don't get the value back from the mapper's
insert statement. I realized I probably had to use the 'generatedKey'
statement so I tried this:


<table schema="website_user" tableName="businesses"

      <generatedKey column="id" sqlStatement="SELECT
businesses_sequence.nextval FROM dual" type="pre"/>



This generates the following mapping:


  <insert id="insert"


      WARNING - @ibatorgenerated

      This element is automatically generated by Apache iBATIS Ibator,
do not modify.

      This element was generated on Wed Mar 24 10:49:12 PDT 2010.


    <selectKey keyProperty="id" order="BEFORE"

      SELECT businesses_sequence.nextval FROM dual





    values (#{id,jdbcType=DECIMAL}, #{name,jdbcType=VARCHAR},

      #{website,jdbcType=VARCHAR}, #{createdAt,jdbcType=TIMESTAMP},




It successfully selects from the sequence but it does not return the
inserted id to me, porbably because the last statement is an insert, not
a select.


What else should I try? Or am I thinking about this the wrong way?


P.S. This is Oracle 10g Express Edition with ojdbc14.jar. Supposedly it
supports the JDBC getGeneratedKey() function-I'm not sure if iBATIS
under the hood calls that function.



Brian Morearty | Grow Your Business Division, Intuit | Staff Software
Engineer | direct 650-944-6852 


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