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From "Samek Jiri - AZ Direct" <jiri.sa...@allianzdirect.cz>
Subject Oracle objects mapping in iBatis 3
Date Fri, 05 Feb 2010 14:27:42 GMT
I have a stored procedure in DB (running on Oracle) with one parameter -
an Oracle object:
create or replace type TEST1STRING as object(
  str VARCHAR(50)
create or replace
procedure test1(str IN OUT TEST1STRING)
  str.str := 'justsometext';  

I am trying to call this procedure via iBatis 3. 
The following code is for the simplified case when parameter of stored
Procedure is just a VARCHAR. The code is working. 
But I am unable to modify it so it would be using the Oracle type and a
specific java type.
 <select id="test1" statementType="CALLABLE" >
     {call test1(#{str,mode=INOUT,jdbcType=VARCHAR})}

  <typeHandler javaType="String" jdbcType="VARCHAR"
Any help would be much appreciated.
Jiri Samek

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