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From Chris Reeves <ch...@ev-soft.net>
Subject Re: Scala object support in iBATIS 3
Date Thu, 31 Dec 2009 15:55:23 GMT
> Sounds interesting.
> I assume you're referring to the need to call foo_= instead of setFoo.

Yes, though I believe it ends up being foo_$eq.

> Not sure I follow.  Is there any benefit in casting to ScalaObject? I
> wonder whether it's possible to reference the ScalaObject interface by
> name only (hence, no need to link to it).

I was going to go the easy route and just add a check for object
instanceof ScalaObject, but I suppose it could be done with just

> Another option (if you do want to link to the scala libraries) might
> be to make it an optional dependency.  Currently, iBATIS has build
> dependencies on all sorts of logging frameworks, but they're all
> optional at runtime.  Could do a similar thing with the scala libs (I
> assume you're thinking about writing the integration in Java).

Yes, I don't see any advantage in bringing in a 3mb dependency for
something like this, so I'd do the implementation in Java. Speaking of
build dependencies, is there a document somewhere in the ether that
describes the build process for iBATIS 3? Everything I've found only
references mapper2.

> In the iBATIS app I'm working on, all the database columns have
> underscore_names, so I've ended up using column aliasing (SELECT
> foo_bar fooBar, ...) for each column.
> I never figured out whether there was a better way to do this, but at
> the time I was looking for a way to implement exactly the 'pluggable'
> naming strategies you describe.

I didn't consider it from that side, but I suppose that would be
useful. I'll write up a patch and see what everyone thinks. I'm glad
there is some interest in this.

Thanks, Chris

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