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From "Jeff Hibbs" <jhi...@bop.gov>
Subject Re: iBATIS 2.3.4 issues closing connections
Date Thu, 19 Nov 2009 20:02:13 GMT
Fernando - 
I'm no expert, but I had a similar problem using DB2.  When we moved
from Sun App servers to Glassfish I started having "open Threads"...Not
sure if this is the same as what you're experiencing, but all I had to
do was change my sqlMapConfig file to add the 
commitRequired="true" parm....so it looks like this:
 <transactionManager type="JDBC" commitRequired="true">
        <dataSource type="JNDI">
            <property name="DataSource"
I hope this helps...Jeff Hibbs

>>> Fernando Rengifo <frengifo@gmail.com> 11/19/2009 2:48 PM >>>

Hi all,

Thank you for your time to read this question.
I really (really) appreciate your help on this.

I have developed an application using iBATIS (what a great
The project started on Feb 2009, and since Oct 2009 is under my
client's server.

We use JNDI to a DB2 iSeries Toolbox DataSource configured under
Websphere 6.1 using j400.jar driver.

Since yesterday, they have been noticing this problem with some tables
at DB2 (iSeries) server.
"....... *FILE in use".

They have been making me questions about this issue because they think
iBATIS does not close connections after any transaction.
I have told them about iBATIS documentation, where it says
startTransaction() and endTransaction() are called automatically if we

What I can tell you, is that I only use sqlMapper.update(), insert(),
queryForObject(), queryForList() for simple queries.

For batch queries, I use the startTransaction(), startBatch(),
executeBatch(), commitTransaction(), endTransaction():

Am I missing somthing ? Is this related to iBATIS?

Thank you very much.

-Fernando Rengifo.

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