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From Guy Rouillier <guyr-...@burntmail.com>
Subject Re: Advance Warning: API Change in iBATIS 3 Beta 4
Date Mon, 12 Oct 2009 05:50:20 GMT
Clinton Begin wrote:
>   List selectList(String statement, Object parameter, RowBounds rowBounds)
>   void select(String statement, Object parameter, RowBounds rowBounds, 
> ResultHandler handler)
> These methods used to take two int params to define the OFFSET and LIMIT 
> for limiting the rows that were returned (for paging etc)  We've 
> introduced the RowBounds class to clean that up, but also to allow for 
> multi-parameter bindings.  So that this is now possible in Mapper classes:
>   List<Post> findAllPostsLike(@Param("subject") String 
> subject, @Param("body") String body, RowBounds rowBounds);
> RowBounds can be any parameter, not necessarily the last one.  You don't 
> have to specify @Param, as it will default to using the ordinal position 
> e.g. #{1} #{2}, but with the @Param annotations, you can use #{subject} 
> and #{body}.  If you only specify a single parameter, then it's passed 
> as always, as the top level parameter (with all properties accessible by 
> name without qualification).

Clinton, thank you very much for the tremendous amount of effort you put 
into iBatis.

I'm unclear about the XML implementation of multiple parameter bindings. 
  I couldn't find any full examples in the PDF, so I looked in 
XMLStatementBuilder.java.  Looks like parameterType is still a 
single-valued entry.  So, with the example you provide above, what would 
we enter for parameterType in the XML file?  Seems like parameterType 
will have to become a multi-valued list (comma-separated or some 

Guy Rouillier

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