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From Jim Borland <jborl...@calpoly.edu>
Subject RE: iBatis - Connections to PostgreSQL Not Closing
Date Mon, 19 Oct 2009 19:17:07 GMT

I've been fighting this issue for a long time now and am quite frustrated.  I
originally started out with just:

--> artists = (ArrayList) sqlMap.queryForList("getArtistInfo", list ); --
but was getting all these <IDLE> connections.  So I tried adding
start/commit/end transaction statements surrounding the query.  Still
getting <IDLE>s so then I tried using :

--> session = sqlMap.openSession(); -- and letting the session
start/commit/end the transaction.  Still got <IDLE>s.  That's when I tried
creating, using and closing my own connection with the same sad result.

One thing Rick Wellman said was especially interesting.  Every time you
create an instance of SqlMapClient you create an entirely new connection
pool.  I hadn't thought about that before.  I guess the bottom line is I
don't really understand what is happening in a connection pool.  Still, my
situation is so simple, yet the same bad outcome occurs no matter what I
try.  Help!

Rick.Wellman wrote:
> Since I have some time over lunch:
> 1) I agree with Larry's reply below
> 2) At the risk of embarrassing myself on this forum, see below for my
> reply to your comments and questions:
> [your-code-sample-was-here]
> [your-comments-were-here]
> I've been wrestling with this problem for a long time and right now
> there are three things about which I wonder:
> (1) All the code examples I've seen show the sqlMapClient being
> generated in the same try statement as the actual query. I'm creating it
> in a separate class and passing it to another class. Could this be a
> problem? I'm not sure why it would matter, but that is something unique
> about my situation.
>>> Usually, your entire application would share a single instance of
> SqlMapClient.  It matters in the sense that it is un-necessary and
> would, at a minimum, create an entirely new connection pool (see #3 for
> more)
> (2) In the above code I use the DataSource obtained from SqlMapClient --
> Is there something wrong with doing this?
>>> Well, probably... and it is un-necessary.  Use Larry's version. (i.e.
> the "normal" way to use the SqlMapClient)
> (3) Have I somehow mis-configured the connection pool?
>>> I could be wrong but I still highly suspect that the connections are
> a result of the connection pool and it seems to me that you're not
> understanding the purpose of a connection pool.  i.e. You're trying to
> explicitly open a connection with code.  The connection pool will
> usually expand and contract the number of connections to the database
> based on the load and its configuration (which is why it is called a
> "pool").  You do not have "direct" control over which connection your
> iBatis SqlMapClient will use [nor do you probably want that].  I
> apologize in advance if I am way off base with this response; not my
> intent to offend, but rather educate.
> To the masses... in regards to my comment #3, is there an implementation
> of a "pool" which is not a pool at all but a single connection that
> someone can use to verify an instance like this?  Or maybe configure the
> "pool" to only have a size of one?  Just thinking out loud... I've never
> had reason to look into something like this but it seems like this
> question comes up every so often? (i.e. the question of connections
> opened via iBatis) 
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> From: Larry Meadors [mailto:larry.meadors@gmail.com] 
> Sent: Monday, October 19, 2009 12:56 PM
> To: user-java@ibatis.apache.org
> Subject: Re: iBatis - Connections to PostgreSQL Not Closing
> This looks to me like you are *way* overcomplicating this. :-)
> The method should be more like this:
> public List getArtistInfo(){
>   return sqlMap.queryForList("getArtistInfo", list);
> }
> Unless you have some really crazy wacky stuff going on, there should
> never be a need for you to deal with connections at that level.
> Also, what's the purpose of passing in 'list' as the second parameter
> there? I don't see where it would ever be non-null.
> Larry
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