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From Zoran Avtarovski <zo...@sparecreative.com>
Subject [IB3] Some questions
Date Wed, 12 Aug 2009 23:22:39 GMT
First off, fantastic effort guys. This looks like a unbelievable release.
The improvements over the previous version are just incredible. I¹m
especially a fan of the new collection tag.

I¹ve been reading over the user guide and I have a couple of questions :

In V2 and prior $value$ resulted in a string substitution while #value# used
prepared statements and safe escaping. Is there still a string substitution
option? I know it¹s not recommended, but we do have cases where we need it.

With regards to he expression language support in the dynamic sql tags, is
OGNL being used to evaluate the test fields or a variation of EL? The reason
I ask is that EL supports tests like NOT EMPTY while OGNL doesn¹t. So ³value
!= null² isn¹t the same as ³NOT EMPTY value². Also the structure of the
conditional tags follows the JSTL convention of choose, when, otherwise and
not the more contemporary if, elseif, else. I guess the point I¹m trying to
make is that in a world where using multiple frameworks (struts, jsf, etc)
is the norm, it might be a good idea that some of the conventions used in
IB3 follow what¹s been done in more established projects. For example if
OGNL is used than I¹d prefer to use if, elseif, else as that¹s where my mind
is and if I¹m using EL then I go to the choose, when, otherwise. It may be
just me, and I¹m happy to concede that, but I find these little things
really make a difference.

Finally a question about Spring integration. One of the great selling points
for iBatis has always been its tight spring integration. Is there any work
going on at their end to integrate IB3 or is this something that we, the
iBatis community, should be stepping up for?

Again, a great release and I can¹t wait to try it.


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