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From Fred Janon <fja...@gmail.com>
Subject queryForObject/queryForList where is the documentation for the "Object parameter"?
Date Thu, 02 Jul 2009 03:58:44 GMT
Sorry for the basic question: how to write a query with mutiple parameters?
I am reading the iBatis in Action book, browsing the distribution, the wiki,
the Javadoc and I can't find documentation or examples for the different
forms of the parameter for queryForObject or queryForList


java.util.List *queryForList*(java.lang.String id,
                            java.lang.Object parameterObject,
                            int skip,
                            int max)
                            throws java.sql.SQLException

Executes a mapped SQL SELECT statement that returns data to populate a
number of result objects within a certain range.

The parameter object is generally used to supply the input data for the
WHERE clause parameter(s) of the SELECT statement.

 *Parameters:* id - The name of the statement to execute. parameterObject -
The parameter object (e.g. JavaBean, Map, XML etc.). *<<< Where in the doc
or the book is that described in more details?*
How do I pass several parameters to queryForList like for example name,
beginsearchdate, beginlastdate?

I see details for the resultMap, nothing but only exmaples with one input
parameter. I started looking in the code, but it's taking too much time



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