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From Jeff Butler <jeffgbut...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Ibator plugin use and future plans
Date Tue, 23 Jun 2009 15:08:50 GMT
I took a quick look and see that you are using this Java parser:

This project seems fairly new.  I wonder how stable the project is?

<http://code.google.com/p/javaparser/>Jeff Butler

2009/6/23 Jeff Butler <jeffgbutler@gmail.com>

> This looks very cool!
> Are you saying that WebExplore does support Java merging?  If so then I'd
> be interested in seeing the code.
> Also, I would like to know about any bugs you've fixed in Ibator so we can
> include them in the base distribution.  And if there's anything else you
> would like to see changed in Ibator to make tools like yours easier to
> write.
> Jeff Butler
> On Mon, Jun 22, 2009 at 10:33 PM, 刘孝林 <mailforlxl@gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi, jeff, I would like contribute some code to Ibator project. I developed
>> a tool which provide friendly GUI to make a configuration for Ibator
>> conveniently. It is named with "WebExplore" and exists as a plugin of
>> CoolSQL(http://coolsql.sourceforge.net/). As you said in mail, "java file
>> merging" is not supported outside of Eclipse, but supported by WebExplore.
>> In addition, Ibator is rebuilded with some bug fix and extended functions
>> including merging java file, plugin classloading, exporting Ibator
>> configuration to XML file with escaping XML keyword. The detailed
>> information about WebExplore:
>> http://coolsql.sourceforge.net/webexplore.html.
>> 2009/6/22 Jeff Butler <jeffgbutler@gmail.com>
>> Several topics:
>>> 1. Java file merging
>>> The code for merging Java files is only in the Eclipse plugin.  It uses
>>> the Eclipse AST parser and AST rewriter and cannot run outside of Eclipse.
>>>  If you want to merge Java code, you must run in Eclipse.
>>> In the far future, I hope to enable Java merging outside of Eclipse.  The
>>> problem is that it's just so easy in Eclipse, and so difficult elsewhere!  I
>>> think the long term solution is to write a specialized Java parser for
>>> Ibator using ANTLR or the like.  Parsing Java source code is a non-trivial
>>> task and I have no interest in reinventing the wheel - so probably something
>>> like ANTLR is the right answer ultimately.  If anyone is interested in
>>> making an important contribution to Ibator this would be a good area to look
>>> into :)
>>> 2. Plugin Classloading
>>> You must add your plugin classes to Ibator's runtime classpath.  This
>>> cannot be done with <classPathEntry> elements in the configuration.  Outside
>>> eclipse, you can do this by using the -cp argument, or by adding to the Ant
>>> classpath in the normal ways.  Inside Eclipse, you must use the eclipse
>>> integrated Ant task and add to the classpath with the Eclipse launch
>>> configuration.  The Ibator menu option in Eclipse does not allow
>>> modifications to the runtime classpath.
>>> From these two answers, you should deduce that the only way to use a
>>> plugin AND use Java merging is to use the Eclipse plugin provided Ant task
>>> (NOT the Ant task in the base Ibator distribution).  If you want to automate
>>> this, you will have to run Ant inside Eclipse with headless Eclipse.
>>> 3. Maven
>>> I'm looking at maven for the Ibator build.  If it works out, then I'll
>>> also provide a maven plugin to run Ibator.  But, this plugin will not merge
>>> Java files (see #1 above).
>>> 4. The future
>>> My current focus is updates to Ibator for iBATIS3.  I have some code
>>> *sort of* working now, but iBATIS3 is in Alpha stage only - so Clinton and I
>>> are working through some bugs in iBATIS3.  I have done some refactoring of
>>> the Ibator code base to allow for iBATIS3 - but this is mostly internal and
>>> should not affect anyone (hopefully).  Feel free to checkout the latest
>>> Ibator code from SVN and try it out.  I don't think you'll see much
>>> difference.  Note that the iBATIS3 support for Ibator is not in SVN yet -
>>> just the base Ibator refactorings.
>>> Hope that helps!
>>> Jeff Butler
>>> On Sun, Jun 21, 2009 at 10:20 PM, Chad McHenry <mchenryc@gmail.com>wrote:
>>>> I was having trouble using my ibator plugin from eclipse, getting the
>>>> error "Cannot instantiate object of type
>>>> com.example.ibatis.ibator.plugins.ClassAnnotator" and found an old thread
>>>> [1] which references the same error. It appears it is still relevant (I
>>>> could only run my plugin via eclipse by putting my plugin classes into
>>>> $eclipse/plugins/org.apache.ibatis.ibator.core_1.2.1/ibator.jar).
>>>> For using plugins, is the ant-task still the preferred way to use
>>>> Ibator? I use maven, and can use maven-antrun-plugin, but is it still true
>>>> that any changes made to generated files will be lost when using the ant
>>>> version since it does not merge java files?
>>>> Are there plans, or a roadmap for Ibator? I'm spending a lot of time
>>>> getting this plugin working (and actually believe it will be worth it over
>>>> the course of multiple projects). I'm wondering if I can contribute back
>>>> the ibator-core, but would hesitate if there is going to be a drastic
>>>> redesign for ibatis-3.0.
>>>> ...Chad
>>>> [1]
>>>> http://www.nabble.com/Re:-ibator-question-about--element-p19222727.html

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