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From "Gustavo Henrique Sberze Ribas" <gri...@cpqd.com.br>
Subject LazyLoading and CGLib problem
Date Tue, 30 Jun 2009 13:25:39 GMT
Hi everyone,
 I'm facing one big problem with lazyLoading and CGLib. In my xml, I
have a resultMap as follows:

<resultMap class="MyClass" id="myClassMap">
    <result property="name"        column="col1"
javaType="java.lang.String"   />
    <result property="middleName"  column="col2"
javaType="java.lang.String"   />
    <result property="lastName"    column="col3"
javaType="java.lang.String"   />
    <result property="permissions" column="col1"
select="myXml.getPermissions" />

 In my java class "MyClass", "permissions" is an interface named
"PermissionsIfc" (with only two methods: isInsert() and setInsert(...). 

 In the select statement, I have the following:

<select id="getPermissions" parameterClass="java.lang.String"
      col5, col6, col7, col8
      username = #value#

 And for resultMap "permissionsMap", I have the following:

<resultMap class="PermissionsClass" id="permissionsMap">
    <result property="insert"  column="col5"
javaType="java.lang.Boolean" />
    <result property="update"  column="col6"
javaType="java.lang.Boolean" />
    <result property="delete"  column="col7"
javaType="java.lang.Boolean" />
    <result property="connect" column="col8"
javaType="java.lang.Boolean" />

 PermissionsClass implements PermissionsIfc, so PermissionsClass should
be the instantiated class for property "permissions" in my first

 In my code, when I try to cast "permissions" to PermissionsClass, I'm
getting a ClassCastException saying that PermissionsIfc cannot be cast
to PermissionsClass. When LazyLoading was disabled, I wasn't getting
this error. Is there any way to solve this? 


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