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From Chad McHenry <mchen...@gmail.com>
Subject Ibator plugin use and future plans
Date Mon, 22 Jun 2009 03:20:48 GMT
I was having trouble using my ibator plugin from eclipse, getting the error
"Cannot instantiate object of type
com.example.ibatis.ibator.plugins.ClassAnnotator" and found an old thread
[1] which references the same error. It appears it is still relevant (I
could only run my plugin via eclipse by putting my plugin classes into

For using plugins, is the ant-task still the preferred way to use Ibator? I
use maven, and can use maven-antrun-plugin, but is it still true that any
changes made to generated files will be lost when using the ant version
since it does not merge java files?

Are there plans, or a roadmap for Ibator? I'm spending a lot of time getting
this plugin working (and actually believe it will be worth it over the
course of multiple projects). I'm wondering if I can contribute back to the
ibator-core, but would hesitate if there is going to be a drastic redesign
for ibatis-3.0.


[1] http://www.nabble.com/Re:-ibator-question-about--element-p19222727.html

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