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From slaye...@gmx.de
Subject ScriptRunner question
Date Thu, 25 Jun 2009 18:47:09 GMT

Using iBatis
Had some problems with transfering a SQL script (a Oracle package) to Oracle database with
iBatis' ScriptRunner.
The SQL script file looked smth like this:

-- MYPACKAGE package specification
create or replace package MYPACKAGE as

  -- commentary here
  procedure PROCEDURE1 (
	PARAMETER1 in number

  -- insert GVC rule
  procedure PROCEDURE2 (
    PARAMETER1 in number


I called ScriptRunner method "setDelimiter("/", true)" to set single line delimiter to "/".
The script was tranfered to database, but on a single line with over 20k length, which isnt
easy to read or decipher.

Mot sure about that, but shouldnt there be a NEWLINE character appended after each line read
from the script by ScriptRunner.runScript(Connection conn, Reader reader) ?

Another thing is: The if-then-else block starting at line 147 looks weird. I dont understand
why some comments are left out (or: written to log writer) while others are not. Are "//"
and "--" comment types database system-dependent?  And isnt the LineNumberReader supposed
to return the current line number on errors?

Thank you for your time!
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