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From Bhaarat Sharma <bhaara...@gmail.com>
Subject how to have two datasources in sql-map-config.xml
Date Fri, 01 May 2009 18:09:42 GMT
Currently our sql-map-config looks like this:

   <settings enhancementEnabled="true" useStatementNamespaces="true" />
<transactionManager type="JDBC">
<dataSource type="JNDI">
<property name="DataSource" value="jdbc/RSGH/IJA/twy/ftwdb" />
 <sqlMap resource="existingSearch.xml" />
        <sqlMap resource="deceased_search.xml"/>
        <sqlMap resource="multiLoanSearch.xml"/>

In the above we only have one JDBC connection and this connection goes to a
SQL Server.  However, now we will have to access another DB which is in
Oracle.  So we will have to create another JDBC connection and have some of
our sqlMaps reference that NEW JDBC connection.  Can this be done in iBatis?
can we have multiple data sources, and if so, then how do
we differentiate which DB a sqlMap references.


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