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From Chad McHenry <mchen...@gmail.com>
Subject Order of definition when extending resultMap and using subMap
Date Tue, 12 May 2009 04:04:08 GMT
I'm having issues extending resultMap and using subMap. Like sql includes,
the order in which the referencing elements are defined make a difference,
except that for 'extends' and <subMap...>, only if the resultMaps are in
different files/namespaces.
When resultMap B extends resultMap A (when defined in separate
files/namespaces), SqlMap A must be referenced first in SqlMapConfig.xml.

When resultMap A uses resultMap B as a subMap (within the discriminator
element), SqlMap B must be referenced first in SqlMapConfig.xml.

In both cases, the referenced resultMap must be processed first, but if the
resultMaps are in the same file/namespace, the order is unimportant.

The workaround is of course to just move/copy the referenced resultMaps into
the file/namespace which uses them, or redefine the order.

It seems references are resolved when the SqlMap file/namespace is
processed, and the definitions made available to the following SqlMap files.
If  that is the case, is it possible to read all files/namespaces up front,
and process all together?


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