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From Sean Mitchell <s...@mitchwood.com>
Subject Re: newbie trouble grokking error message
Date Wed, 29 Apr 2009 13:31:50 GMT
On Tue, Apr 28, 2009 at 5:52 PM, Nathan Maves <nathan.maves@gmail.com> wrote:

> Welcome to ibatis!

Thanks... it's a very interesting project, not sure how it escaped my
notice before. A very nice middle ground between Hibernate and

> Could you give us a little more information like what DB you are using? what
> driver?  what does the sql look like?

Ok.... the code is a collection of simple translators that builds up
POJOs from data in a MS SQL Server db, and then writes them out to a
MySQL db. The urls look like:

source: jdbc:jtds:sqlserver://sqlserver:1433/SRCDB;sendStringParametersAsUnicode=false
destination: jdbc:mysql://localhost/DESTDB

To narrow down the problem, I have commented out all but one
field/property (a String) and am using a simple

select typename from Incentives

This query works fine in SquirrelSQL.

My resultmap looks like:

	<resultMap id="aprIncentiveResultMap" class="com.mitchwood.Incentive" >		
		<result column="typename" property="type" />

Now, there are some other translators than the one I am currently
working with, and they all have their own resultmaps and SQL, and they
all fail in the same way. Even when I commented out the entire body of
the result map, so that nothing was mapped, I get this error.

On one of them, the query takes a while to run in Squirrel, and I get
a corresponding pause on execution, before I see the error in the
console. I'm starting to think that maybe the resultset is going away
right after it has been created, as iBATIS tries to access it.

Wish I could see the actual Throwable at the heart of it:
--- Cause: java.lang.reflect.UndeclaredThrowableException

Hopefully something in here will help you help me :)



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