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From "Jason King" <jhk...@airmail.net>
Subject Re: Using #PARAM# constructions within $DYNAMICSQL$
Date Wed, 29 Apr 2009 14:58:56 GMT

	Is there some reason you can't use the dynamic where clause feature
in iBatis. 

	This is an example stolen directly from Clinton's book. 

	FROM category 
	parentCategoryId IS NULL 
	Doing dynamic wheres is more wordy than $-style replacement, but it
does allow binds.
 On Wed 29/04/09 08:05 , DelGurth sent:
  On Wed, Apr 29, 2009 at 2:44 PM, Chris O'Connell
 > I sympathize with your problem.  Perhaps you could just build a
set of sql
 > includes, each of which is the correct sql for a particular use
case.  Then,
 > rather than building the sql string in your code, you instead just
pass a
 > parameter into iBatis that it can use to determine which is the
correct sql
 > include to use.  Then, you will be using ## for bind variables.
 > Now, if you have hundreds of these cases, or there is some
 > algorithm that is build those 'where' clauses, then you might be
out of
 > luck.
 Guess I'm out of luck then, since we want to use this to filter many
 different queries using the same algorithm. And the query part of
 filter is being build by our algorithm, so it's "safe" when we are
 able to use bind-variables for the userdata (the filter variables).
 > Your best bet in that case might be to write your own sql
 > cleaner for all input variables (not a bad idea in many cases,
anyway, since
 > you already have to worry about cross site scripting, cross site
 > forgery, css injections, etc. etc. :) ).
 > Chris
 Rather then writing a sql injection cleaner, I think our best option
 is to change the iBatis code so it can do what we want. Since the
 "only" change we need is parsing the query twice, first for the
 Dynamic SQL and then for the parameters. Taking into account that
 Simple Dynamic SQL that we write will be safe to use, since the user
 entered information is put in the query using bind-variables.
 Wessel van Norel
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