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From "Chris O'Connell" <oconn...@gorillachicago.com>
Subject Looks like iBatis is processing data slowly...
Date Mon, 27 Apr 2009 19:26:39 GMT
I know that if I were to get a DBA involved, I could get some further
details, but I'm trying to get as much information as I can before I start
to get the bureaucracy involved...
Anyway, I am able to log my sql and the results with no problems.  The issue
I have is that stuff is just running so slowly on my test server.  When I
test my code on my local development server (which is talking to a remote
database), my 'queryForList' method takes a total of about 2.5 seconds.
 When I push the code out to my test server (more powerful hardware, etc.),
the method takes 10 or 11 seconds.  So, I'm trying to figure out if the
extra time is occurring on the database server or on the application server.

So, I turned up all the logging and I looked at what it is spitting out at
me.  Of course, takes a bit longer with logging turned on, but not hugely
so.  I looked at the times of the different statements, and the 'About to
execute SQL' log statement shows up at second 0.  The next line of the log
file is each row of the result set. This is logged in the same 'second' as
the line of the 'About to execute'.  The next 2000 rows in the log are each
of the lines of the result set and it takes 9 or 10 seconds for this to

My question is, is this an indication of the database slowly returning the
data, or does iBatis really get all of the data back to the application
server by the time that first result set record is logged and it really is
taking iBatis 10 seconds to go through data on my review server that takes 2
seconds to go through on my dev server.

This is a 'hierarchical' query (if that makes sense).  The data is in the
form of product information and product attribute information.  I am using
the iBatis 'groupBy' clause in the resultMap to tell iBatis which columns
constitute the objects lower down on the hierarchy.  Does it makes sense
that iBatis would take this long to process the data?  Should I look at
writing a RowHandler to process this data?

Thanks in advance for any comments/help,

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