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From "Jeff Hibbs" <jhi...@bop.gov>
Subject Re: Idle Threads - Glassfish/DB2
Date Fri, 17 Apr 2009 18:32:31 GMT
THANKS!!!!! ..... I just had to add the "commitRequired=true" option on the iBATIS  sqlMapconfig.xml....So
it looks like:
<transactionManager type="JDBC" commitRequired="true">
As you mention, apparently DB2 requires commits on reads and the other connection pool implementations
(non-GlassFish) take care of this for you.
Also thanks to Mario Briggs for helping me work thru this....
>>> Stephen Boyd <swboyd@gmail.com> 4/17/2009 11:36 AM >>>
I am not sure if you have this figured out already, but I use Websphere and DB2, and a couple
years ago we were trying to understand if a read transaction needed to be committed. Apparently
it does for the connection to be returned to the connection pool and Websphere does it implicitly
as we later found out. Can you instruct or are you instructing the external transaction manager
to issue a commit for reads?

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