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From Chad McHenry <mchen...@gmail.com>
Subject Nested resultMaps and ambiguous columns - can I force qualified name?
Date Wed, 15 Apr 2009 14:48:27 GMT
I have generated a number of sqlMaps using ibator. These are working great,
but now I would like to take advantage of compound properties to avoid N+1
issues. I would like to minimize the amount of handwritten sqlmap code, and
reuse ibators output as much as possible, so in the resultMap for the parent
table (person), I reference the resultMap ibator generated for the child
table (location).

I run into problems because my tables use the same names for various fields.
Here in this example, each field has an 'id' field.  When using nested
resultMaps for compound properties, this results in the nested resultMaps
using the same id as the parent id - not good!

person: {id:1, name:"bob", location_id:9}
location: {id:9, name:"home", ...}

combined result
person: {id:1 name:"bob", location_id:9,
         location:{id:1, name:"home"}, ...}

I tried modifying the resultMaps to reference the attributes by qualified
name (e.g. address.id) but that caused the error:

Error getting nested result map values for 'address'.  Cause:
java.sql.SQLException: Invalid column name address.id.

Is there a way to force result maps to use the correct id value? Perhaps an
undocumented attribute or element in the sqlMap to force resultMaps to use
the qualified name.

If I must rename the columns (e.g. person_id, location_id, etc., as primary
key), must I do the same for other like-named columns, like "name"? In the
example above, the 'id' field was obviously confused (the result set id=1
for both the parent and child), yet it somehow got the name correct... how?
Could I get it to do the same for id?

Thanks in advance for any advice and insight,

== address_SqlMap.xml =======================

<sqlMap namespace="location">
  <resultMap class="Location" id="ibatorgenerated_baseResultMap">
    <result column="id" property="id" />
    <result column="name" property="name" />

== person_SqlMap.xml =======================

<sqlMap namespace="person">
  <resultMap class="Person" id="baseResultMap">
    <result column="id" property="id" />
    <result column="name" property="name" />
    <result property="location"
resultMap="location.ibatorgenerated_BaseResultMap" />

  <select id="selectByPrimaryKey" parameterClass="Person"
    select *
    from person, location
    where person.location_id = location.id <http://agency.id>
      and person.id <http://collection.id> = #id:INTEGER#

Modifying the column name in the location map failed.

  <resultMap class="Location" id="ibatorgenerated_baseResultMap">
    <result column="location.id <http://address.id>" property="id" />

Error getting nested result map values for 'location'.  Cause:
java.sql.SQLException: Invalid column name location.id.; nested exception is

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