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From aravind.s <aravin...@cgi.com>
Subject Questions on Customized Ibator Implementations
Date Thu, 05 Mar 2009 08:35:37 GMT



I need to customize some of the ibator implementations.

Am using Ibator 1.2.1.


Kindly guide me with the following scenarios which I found cannot be
handled by 'plugins': 


1.)     We don't have a primary key constraint in the data base. Is
there a way to explicitly handle this?

2.)     I want to provide customized comments instead of
DefaultCommentGenerator. One of the ways is to write my own
implementation for CommentGenerator interface. Is there any better way.

3.)     In xxxSqlMap.xml files, I need to customize the 'id' for all the
elements- resultMap, select, insert, update. 

a.)     Instead of giving the full path for class/parameterClass, am
planning to define an alias name for every class to be used. 

b.)     Am not using the model example classes, so I have suppressed
their generation in one of my plugins, so in case of update, select
statements I need to have my own where clauses.           

For these customizations am currently updating the classes under
org.apache.ibatis.ibator.generator.ibatis2.sqlmap.elements package.

Can they be implemented using plugins?


Appreciate your views on these customizations.


Thanks In Advance,

Aravind. S 


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