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From "Young, Alistair" <alistair.yo...@logica.com>
Subject RE:
Date Wed, 25 Mar 2009 13:54:06 GMT
We experienced a similar problem (transaction, lots of queries) which was down to using iBATIS
statement caching.  We were able to work around it by switching off statement caching in iBATIS,
and applying it directly to the Oracle connection (though we needed to write our own iBATIS
datasource for this to be possible).
So, in our sqlMapConfig:
   <settings statementCachingEnabled="false" ... />
and in our data source:
OracleConnection oconn = ...;
For the sake of completeness, we then hit a known Oracle bug (4965296).  However the bug only
impacts Oracle 10g, and only proxy connections - so chances are, it does not apply in your
case.  To work around that problem we had to 'toggle' the state of the statement caching:
OracleConnection oconn = ...;
I hope that proves to be of some use to you.


From: Daniel Sánchez Gómez [mailto:dsanchez@satec.es] 
Sent: 25 March 2009 12:55
To: user-java@ibatis.apache.org


I have a problem with open cursors using Ibatis  in an Oracle data base.

When I open a transaction with a lot of querys and before the transaction ends, an exception
appears: "Too many cursors are open".

What can I do to resolve this problem? Is there any instruction to close cursors without ending
transaction? We can't increase the number of cursors in the database.


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