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From Riccetti Eugenio <eugenio.ricce...@PITAGORA.IT>
Subject Ibator..
Date Tue, 03 Feb 2009 14:16:36 GMT
I used ibator to create mapper. I have a table:

ATECO having CHIAVE and DESCR. DESCR is a mediumtext datatype.
I use MySql.

Ibator has generated:

<sqlMap namespace="ATECO" >

<resultMap id="abatorgenerated_AtecoResult" class="it.pitagora.bignet.common.data.Ateco"

<result column="CHIAVE" property="chiave" jdbcType="VARCHAR" />


<resultMap id="abatorgenerated_Ateco02ResultWithBLOBs" class="it.pitagora.bignet.common.data.Ateco"
extends="ATECO02.abatorgenerated_Ateco02Result" >

<result column="DESCR" property="descr" jdbcType="LONGVARCHAR" />



But the class AtecoExample not contain the methods for the column DESCR.

Why ibator not create the methods?

Thanks for your help,


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