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From Ing. Jan Novotný <novotn...@gmail.com>
Subject iBatis 3 roadmap
Date Sun, 08 Feb 2009 09:11:49 GMT
Hello everybody,

    I'm going to have a speech at czech university about iBatis and among
the isssues I want to cover is, how the iBatis is perspective for you as a
develeper. Originaly I had there a sentence: iBatis will improve more
dynamically than widely spread standards can ever do (such as JDBC or JPA).
This sentence was written 2 years ago, but I am not so sure now.
    When I look into
it has been long since it was seriously touched and I haven't found any
other clue when or whether there is going to be iBatis 3. There is very
small activity for 3.x version in Jira, thouhg there are some commits into
iBatis 3 core (http://www.mail-archive.com/commits@ibatis.apache.org/). So
can anyone give me any answer about iBatis 3, that I can spread further?


Ing. Jan Novotný
Myšlenky dne otce Fura

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