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From <yuvraj.shi...@sungard.com>
Subject Blocking one -help needed on dynamic changing of conjuction property
Date Tue, 02 Dec 2008 16:00:58 GMT
 HI all,

   I am using criteria querry  and following is the where clause for the

  <sql id="Criteria_Where_Clause" >


    <iterate property="oredCriteria" conjunction="or" prepend="where"
removeFirstPrepend="iterate" >


      <iterate prepend="and"
property="oredCriteria[].criteriaWithoutValue" conjunction="and" >



      <iterate prepend="and"
property="oredCriteria[].criteriaWithSingleValue" conjunction="and" >




      <iterate prepend="and"
property="oredCriteria[].criteriaWithListValue" conjunction="and" >


property="oredCriteria[].criteriaWithListValue[].values" open="("
close=")" conjunction="," >




      <iterate prepend="and"
property="oredCriteria[].criteriaWithBetweenValue" conjunction="and" >


        #oredCriteria[].criteriaWithBetweenValue[].values[0]# and





  I want to dynamically change the value of conjunction with "OR" and
"AND" .

  I am constructing and passing the criteria object here to this where
clause. I have tried with $ $ and # # but it is not working .

 can any body please help me.




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