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From "Iwao AVE!" <haraw...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Ibator: error after upgrading from abator: The file ... does not exist in this workspace
Date Sun, 14 Dec 2008 17:07:15 GMT

Shouldn't the 'targetPackage' be 'de.domain.myproj' not
'de.myproj.domain' ?

Please ignore this post if it's just wrong.
I sometimes do this ;)


on 08.12.15 1:26 AM Kai Grabfelder said the following:
> Hi Jeff,
> I've just updated to ibator 1.2.0. After doing all necessary changes to the config.xml
I'm getting the
> following error when trying to generate the artefacts (using the "Generate iBATIS artifacts"
> Generation Warnings Occured
>   The file D:\Projekte\svn\myproject-trunk\myproject-service\src\main\java\de\myproject\domain\User.java
> not exist in this workspace
> ... (continued for all java models)
> The files of course do exist.
> After running ibator the DAOs and JavaModels are not beeing updated. The funny thing
(besides that it worked
> with Abator) is that generating the sqlmaps still works. The targetProject attribute
for the
> javaModelGenerator and the sqlMapGenerator is exactly the same. Here is the relevant
> <javaModelGenerator targetPackage="de.myproject.domain" targetProject="myproject-service/src/main/java"
> <sqlMapGenerator targetPackage="ibatis" targetProject="myproject-service/src/main/resources"
> Any Idea what could be causing this issue?
> Regards
> Kai

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