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From Rick <ric...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Am I missing something really simple? Way to avoid adding all props in a map if I decide to add one extra collection to pojo
Date Tue, 18 Nov 2008 16:22:50 GMT
I sent this tot he wrong list before, so I'm resending it. I think it
would be a huge plus for ibatis. I don't mind digging into the source
code... would it be a really tough fix? To modify result maps to allow
them being based on result classes? Has this been brought up before.
Just curious.

To sum up if you don't read the original email - I can easily get this
back in one query and notice how I don't need every property mapped.
(The current way, you need an Address map of every property and and
Associate with every property, when all I want to do is map up the
column names directly to the objects)

 <!-- populated all properties on the BusinessEntity class if you can,
without mapping them !!!! --->
<resultMap id="beResult" class="BusinessEntity" groupBy="businessEntityID">
      <!-- directly map *** resultClasses not maps !  ***--->
    <result property="associates" resultClass="BusinessEntity"/>
     <result property="address" resultClass="Address"/>

BusinessEntity {
   String name;
   String abbreviation;
   Integer id;
   Address address
   List<Associate> associates

On Mon, Nov 17, 2008 at 10:56 AM, Rick <rickcr@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hopefully I'm just being a newb and missing something simple. It's
> been a while since I worked with iBATIS:)...
> My column names and pojo names are the same, so typically I don't even
> need a result map created to map my properties (I can just map my
> resultClass to the query). Where things break down though is if I want
> to nest a collection of another object in one of my pojos. For example
> in the code below BusinessEntity can have "Associates" so I've added a
> List<Associate> field to my BusinessEntity pojo.  What I'd love to do
> now is somehow get my BusinessEntity populated and the nested
> Associate lists populated *WITHOUT* having to go through and declare
> EVERY SINGLE property in a Map (since my fields match up fine to the
> columns.) It seems though that I can't do this? Am I missing an easy
> way to avoid this? I wish I could do something like:
>  <!-- populated all properties on the BusinessEntity class if you can!!!! --->
> <resultMap id="beMap2" class="BusinessEntity" groupBy="businessEntityID">
>       <!-- directly map a *** resultClass !  ***--->
>      <result property="associates" resultClass="BusinessEntity"/>
> </resultMap>
> (Is there a work around?)
> Instead of the above I'm currently having to do:
>  <!-- example poulating the Value Objects -->
> <resultMap id="beMap2" class="BusinessEntity" groupBy="businessEntityID">
>   <result property="businessEntityID" column="businessEntityID"/>
>   <result property="name" column="name"/>
>   ...// *** having to map all my other props?
>  <result property="addressLine1" column="addressLine1"/>
>   <result property="associates" resultMap="BusinessEntity.assMap2"/>
> </resultMap>
> <resultMap id="assMap2" class="com.nielsen.ondp.persistence.model.Associate">
>   <result property="firstName" column="firstName"/>
>   <result property="lastName" column="lastName"/>
>    ...// *** having to map all my other props?
> </resultMap>
> the simple query:
> <select id="findBEsWithAssociates2" resultMap="beMap2" cacheModel="beCache">
>     SELECT be.*, a.*
>     FROM NPPBusinessEntity be, NPPAssociate a
>     WHERE a.businessEntityID = be.businessEntityID ORDER BY be.businessEntityID
> </select>


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