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From Zsolt Koppany <zkoppanyl...@intland.com>
Subject Re: ibatis & derby problem
Date Sat, 22 Nov 2008 14:11:35 GMT

I completely agree! I see NO value. NULL is NULL regardless whether or 
not Integer, String or whatever.

We have seen several times that classes got by Sun deprecated and they 
came back.

Of course it is an option waiting for couple of years and hoping that 
the standard will be changed again but is that reasonable?

My impression is that the ibatis community is much more programmatic 
than the derby one, I feel to much policy there (ibm, sun etc.), however 
(it is also important to understand) derby gets better and better and I 
don't think it would be good for ibatis not to support (also stupid 
parts) derby.


Larry Meadors schrieb:
> Here's my opinion on this, for what it's worth.
> Neither derby nor ibatis are at fault here - both are doing what is
> expected: Working within the constraints of a standard API from Sun
> (JDBC).
> The real issue here is that the standard API is kind of stupid in this case.
> The crappy part of that is this: You as the user are stuck between two
> products that are both working correctly (per the standard) but in a
> sub-optimal way (because of the standard).
> What I am left wondering is this: What is the value in the derby
> implementation of knowing the type of null that is being set, and what
> was the behavior before this change went in that allowed your
> application to work before?
> Larry

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