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From "Ian Zabel" <...@ezabel.com>
Subject Shutting down Connection Pool at runtime (for maintenance)
Date Wed, 24 Sep 2008 15:58:48 GMT
Very soon we're releasing our first build of our legacy app using
iBATIS! We've converted about 10% of our legacy SQL to iBATIS so far,
and it's really working great. Things are 15-30% faster compared to
our old framework (homegrown SOAP server for all data access).

We're using iBATIS with Tomcat 5.5 and DBCP over JNDI.

Every Sunday our Oracle DB is backed up cold. This means that all
connections to the DB must be closed. During this backup, our SOAP
server is shutdown. Now that we're moving forward with iBATIS, we have
another connection pool that we have to manage. This will eventually
become the only connection pool as we phase out the SOAP server.
However, during this cold backup, we would prefer to keep the Tomcat
server running so as to avoid losing all of our in-memory caches.

So, the question: Is it possible to somehow shutdown DBCP (or close
all of its connections) for a time while the backup occurs, yet leave
Tomcat running? And, after the backup is finished, start it back up?

Of course, the application would be inaccessible during this backup;
but that's how it's always been. I can't find anything on Tomcat,
DBCP, or iBATIS mailing lists that really discuss this issue, which of
course makes me question if we're doing this right.

Any thoughts?

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