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From "Givler, Eric" <egiv...@state.pa.us>
Subject IBatis Random ORA-01722: invalid number error
Date Thu, 11 Sep 2008 01:05:07 GMT
We have a production application that is periodically returning an error from a query.  In
fact, the user refreshes the page and the same query runs fine.  The query takes a hashmap
as a parameter and returns an ArrayList of hashmaps.  When we examine the logs, in which we
can see the query and the jdbc parameters and resultsets, the parameters and query are identical
between calls, except the first call fails.

The mapping query is like this:
<select id="getDatabaseRows" paramClass="map" resultClass="java.util.HashMap">
   select c.descrip
           , sum(v.item_count) as count
     from table1 v
         , table2 c
    where v.id = #id#
      and v.codeid=c.codeid
   group by c.descrip

The call is like:
  HashMap params = new HashMap();
  params.add( "id", new Long("123");
  List result = (ArrayList) sqlMap.queryForList("Namespace.getDatabaseRows", params );

If we cut&paste the query that is failing into other tools, like SQL*Plus, or TOAD for
Oracle, it runs fine.  In fact, if we step it, it runs fine.  Today, out of the 70 times it
executed, it failed 4 times.  The user refreshed the page each time and the query ran without

Is there anything we can do to track down what is happening here?  It seems like the parameter
must be somehow read/treated as a character on the first call which would make it fail, but
we see in the log that it's a java.lang.Long.  If it helps, we are in a Java 1.4.2 environment
under ORacle Application Server, and the iBATIS version is  The backend
database is Oracle 10G Release 2 I think.

Thanks for any help,

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