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From Jeremy Cowgar <jer...@cowgar.com>
Subject Re: Same relational link, multiple times, different names
Date Fri, 26 Sep 2008 15:16:36 GMT

Yes, I know how to do this via SQL. What I do not know how to do is map 
it via the XML mapping. Right now I have something like:

(in User.xml)

<resultMap id="userBasicMap" class="User">
    <result property="id" column="USER_ID" />
    <result property="code" column="USER_CODE" />
    ... rest of props ...

(in Claim.xml)

<resultMap id="claimBasicResultMap" class="Claim">
  <result property="blah....." column="blah" />
   <result property="cleric?????" resultMap="userBasicMap" />

<select id="claimGet" resultMap="claimBasicResultMap">
   SELECT blah, blah, blah, cleric.id as CLERIC_USER_ID, cleric.code AS 
CLERIC_USER_CODE, ... same for doc, pricer, ... FROM claim WHERE id=#id#

I was trying to avoid mapping the User table 3 times in 
claimBasicResultMap. It seems as though I will have to map it three 
times? As well as a claim relates to a statuses table twice, a provider 
table twice (billing and payto) as well as the patient table twice 
(actual patient, then the insured). That seems like a lot of repetitive 
work. Granted, it only has to be done once but...



Larry Meadors wrote:

You'll have to either use position (bad idea) or alias the results (do that):

  blah, blah, blah,
  cleric.user_id as clericUserId, /* other cleric.fields as clericXxx */
  doctor.user_id as doctorUserId, /* other pricer.fields as pricerXxx */
  pricer.user_id as pricerUserId /* other pricer.fields as pricerXxx */
from claim
join user cleric on claim.cleric_id = cleric.user_id
join user doctor on claim.doctor_id = doctor.user_id
join user pricer on claim.pricer_id = pricer.user_id
  /* whatever */

Remember, ibatis just runs your sql, then maps the results to objects
- it's doesn't know (or care) what the SQL is or the source of the


Jeremy Cowgar wrote:
> Hello,
> I have a Users table then a Claim table. The Claim table links to the 
> User table many times. For instance: cleric_id, doctor_id, pricer_id 
> ... all of those are different users performing well defined roles 
> with the claim. I know how to link 1 of them via a SqlMap. I have a 
> resultSet defined but it's field names are like:
> How can I handle mapping CLERIC_ID, CLERIC_CODE, ... DOCTOR_ID, 
> DOCTOR_CODE, ... in one select with out having to create 3 resultMaps ?
> Thank you,
> Jeremy

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