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From Richard Yee <r...@cruzio.com>
Subject Re: Help required regarding showing pdf from blob data.
Date Mon, 01 Sep 2008 23:15:37 GMT
You aren't storing PDF data into your blob. You are storing a String. 
You need to store a PDF in order to retrieve a PDF.
You should use a PDF library to construct a PDF file.

The error you are getting is caused by the fact that you are writing a 
String that you retrieved from the database to a file with a .pdf 
extension. The Adobe Acrobat Reader attempts to read the file as a PDF 
but fails because the file isn't in PDF format.


Ananth.Majumdar@cognizant.com wrote:
> Hi,
> We are using Ibatis with Spring in our project. We have requirement to 
> store pdf files in the database as blob columns and retrieve them and 
> show them again as pdf. Currently we are doing the following.
> 1. We are converting the pdf file into a byte array and saving it as a 
> blob column
> 2. While retrieving we are reading the blob column as a byte array
> 3. While converting the byte array to pdf, we are facing encoding 
> problems. A pdf file is generated and data is written into it, but 
> when we try to open it says ‘Cannot open because it is not a supported 
> file type or the file has been damaged’.
> Please refer the files attached.
> In the main method, we try to insert a row into the employee table. 
> The ‘description’ field is a blob column in the Employee table.
> // This is the code for retrieval
> Employee emp1 = (Employee) sqlMap.queryForObject("getEmployee", "45");
> byte[] desc=emp1.getDesc();
> String filename="abc.pdf";
> FileOutputStream fos=new FileOutputStream(filename);
> fos.write(desc);
> fos.close();
> Please tell us, how can we convert the byte array to pdf file. Please 
> tell us if there are any other ways to achieve this functionality.
> We feel that it has something to do with the encoding formats.

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