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From Daniel Henrique Alves Lima <email_danie...@yahoo.com.br>
Subject ResultMap columns as a superset of select columns
Date Thu, 25 Sep 2008 18:32:18 GMT
	Hi everybody. First of all: I'm sorry for my bad English.

	How can define just one resultMap with all necessary columns and reuse
it in selects with different columns ?
	Something like this:

   <resultMap id="EntityMap" class="Entity">
     <result property="code" column="cd_entity" />
     <result property="name" column="nm_entity" />

   <select id="selectAllEntities" resultMap="EntityMap">
     select * from entity

   <select id="selectAllEntitiesCodes" resultMap="EntityMap">
     select cd_entity from entity

	Can I implement/extend some of the IBatis' interfaces and classes to
achieve this ?

	Thanks in advance !

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