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From David_Greenb...@ltx.com
Subject Input in ResultMap
Date Fri, 15 Aug 2008 15:05:36 GMT

This is probably an FAQ, but I couldn't find any examples of it.  It seems 
to be related to the N+1 problem, but I think there is a fundamental 
difference in that no database lookup should be necessary.

Is there a way to specify that the value in a result map should be equal 
to an input parameter?  Here is an example (I know this itself will not 

<resultMap id="MyResultMap" class="MyResultClass">
  <result property="myEntity" value="#myInputEntity#" />
  <result property="colA" column="colA" />
  <result property="colB" column="colB" />

<statement id="MyStatement" resultMap="MyResultMap">
  SELECT colA, colB FROM myTable WHERE
    val1=#myInputEntity.prop1# AND

Obviously, the input is actually a map or another entity with a property 
named "myInputEntity".  Here are some drivers for why I am looking for 
something like this:
1) myInputEntity could have many properties, so returning each one from 
the query and mapping them manually would be annoying at best.
2) Looking up myInputEntity with another query using an ID is both 
inefficient and unnecessary work.  The entity could also have been 
generated by some other system, meaning there may be no way to map it to 
another Ibatis statement.
3) I am hoping to avoid writing custom post-query handlers, as this is a 
very common case for me, and that could get messy.


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