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From David_Greenb...@ltx.com
Subject Re: Are iBATIS pojos instrumented?
Date Thu, 28 Aug 2008 12:59:06 GMT
To prevent lazy loading, add the following to your SQL map config file:
<settings lazyLoadingEnabled="false" />

This is not necessary unless you string together result maps, but if 
you're worried about serialization, it's your best bet.


Ed Murphy <emurmur@yahoo.com>
08/28/2008 01:14 AM
Are iBATIS pojos instrumented?

I'm doing a Web 2.0 project where I'll be remoting the objects,
probably using GWT RCP or Adobe AMF.  I've looked at Hibernate, but
it's proxy scheme enhances the pojo for lazy retrieval.  That means I'm
not getting the object I expect at the client end, so serialization
fails.  I also like the iBATIS meta data better.  I just want to get
objects and lists of objects from the db in a straightforward manner. 
I'll leave lazy loading or other optimizations to the client.  In
effect, I'll have a DAO on the client to handle this kind of
optimization.  So, with that context in place, does iBATIS hand me the
pojo I expect, or has it been instrumented before I get it?  Thanks
Ed Murphy

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