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From Jason Kratz <jason.kr...@firm58.com>
Subject strange issue with sqlmapsession
Date Tue, 05 Aug 2008 13:46:26 GMT
Sorry....reposting this in case it got lost in the shuffle over the  
weekend.  Really curious about this SqlMapSession issue.



On Aug 1, 2008, at 4:01 PM, Jason Kratz wrote:

> Hi all...
> I'm using iBATIS with Spring and am having an odd issue that I'm not  
> sure how to resolve.
> We have an oracle DataSource where we have to set a client  
> identifier which is used by the row-level security feature of oracle  
> when we get connections from the datasource.  When we construct the  
> sqlmapdao we call  
> getSqlMapClientTemplate().getSqlMapClient().setUserConnection().  In  
> our Weblogic environment this works fine but we are having problems  
> in a junit environment (using the same connection handling but with  
> Spring's testing framework.  The problem is that when the oracle row- 
> level security is enabled we aren't seeing any rows which means the  
> client identifier isn't being set when running unit tests.
> When we run a queryForList it ends up hitting the execute() method  
> of the SqlMapClientTemplate from Spring.  The first thing that  
> method does is call SqlMapSession session =  
> this.sqlMapClient.openSession(); and this seems to be the ultimate  
> source of the problem.   Why?  Because the localSqlMapSession that  
> is stored in a ThreadLocal when we call  
> sqlMapClient().setUserConnection() is never checked when  
> sqlMapClient.openSession() is called.    
> sqlMapClient.setUserConnection() first checks for a  
> localSqlMapSession and creates one if one isn't already present.   
> But for some reason it seems that that localSqlMapSession is never  
> actually used anywhere (unless I'm missing something but I was  
> looking at the references of the objects themselves and nothing was  
> matching what was originally created when I called  
> setUserConnection() on the sqlMapClient the first time).  I seem to  
> be getting a new connection to the database which doesn't have the  
> oracle-specific client identifier stored and this means we get no  
> data back.
> Now....I'm not sure why this doesn't happen inside of our weblogic  
> environment but the config for ibatis is a bit different.  In the  
> sqlMapConfig for weblogic we are specifying a transactionManager  
> type of EXTERNAL.  We aren't in the unit testing setup but I was  
> under the impression that the spring defaulted to an EXTERNAL  
> transactionManager anyhow when the sqlmapclientfactorybean builds  
> sqlmapclient objects.
> This is probably pretty confusing so I can clarify if need be ;)  
> Also, this happens with both release 2.3.3 and 2.3.0.
> Thanks,
> Jason

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