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From "Kram.V" <v.k...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: iBatis confusion about sqlMap
Date Tue, 19 Aug 2008 14:49:36 GMT

Kram.v Begin wrote:
> Hi Clinton
>  Thank you for your response. After much head banging and cursing, found
> out that the problem was with JBoss's classloader, it was using a
> UnifiedClassLoader and this was preventing isolation. After some digging,
> figured out how to disable that to ensure unique class loaders for every
> ear (the right behavior according to what I have learnt). Sorry to have
> bothered you guys with a "non-IBATis" issue in this forum.
> Thanks

Clinton Begin wrote:
> It should.  The classloader is a hierarchy.  For example, a simple one:
>     Application (EAR)
>         Web App (WAR)
>     Web App (WAR)
> The problem is that every one is different.  And JAR files totally mess
> everything up. If you look up the class loader docs for WebLogic, JBoss
> and
> WebSphere, you'll probably find more than you expect.
> The best solution that seems to work on all app servers is to keep the
> mapping files etc. in your /classes folder with your web app, rather than
> in
> a JAR.
> Also, you don't necessarily have to split out the sql-map-config.xml
> files,
> you can keep the same one and just split out the properties file specified
> in the <properties/> element of the sql-map-config.xml.
> As another solution, if all else fails... load the properties file
> yourself
> using the SqlMapClientBuilder.buildSqlMapClient(xmlResource,
> propertiesInstance) overloaded method.  You can load the properties file
> from the classpath using the Resources.getResourceAsProperties() method,
> and
> if necessary you can specify the classloader explicitly.
> Clinton
> On Tue, Aug 19, 2008 at 7:09 AM, Kram.V <v.kram@yahoo.com> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>>  I am an iBATIS newbie and love the ease of using it over Hibernate, but
>> am
>> having some issues here.
>> I have a BaseDAO that intializes a sqlMap in a static way. This DAO is
>> packaged in a jar and then bundled along with a war in a ear file and
>> deployed. This works perfectly fine.
>> Now, I have to use this same codebase for two different instances (2
>> different websites). Each instance has its own database, so at build time
>> I
>> split out the sql-config-map.xml with respective datasources and bundled
>> the
>> applications as two different ear files. So now we have two different
>> jars
>> and two different wars bundled in their respective ear files.
>> The problem that I am having is that the sqlMap keeps pointing to the
>> same
>> database instance in both these application deployments. Is there
>> something
>> that I am missing here, I thought each instance would get its own sql map
>> especially since I provided a separate sql-map-config.xml file for each.
>> Shouldn't each ear have its own class loader that would prevent any class
>> loader issues? I am stumped.
>> Thanks for your help in advance.
>> --
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