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From Robert Glover <robertglove...@yahoo.com>
Subject question on default values in Ibator Insert
Date Wed, 23 Jul 2008 15:03:22 GMT
   Disclaimer:  I think Ibator is the greatest thing since bread. Ibator rocks!

    A programmer who has taken over an Ibatis Ibator program I wrote, asked me about the
behavior of an Ibator generated INSERT statement as regards a column that allows nulls but
has a default value.  This developer would like to know how to make Ibator use the default
value of the column when the INSERT occurs.  

   In looking at the INSERT statement which iBator generates, It looks to me that it sets
the column to null when the property in the domain object does not have a value for that column. 
Oracle subsequently does not insert the default value because, apparantly, setting the column
to null seems to be considered an override of the default value.

   Is there any value I can set the property in the domain object to, so that when I pass
it to the Ibator Insert it will use the default value?

Thank you in advance,
a great iBator Fan,

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