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From Richard Rattigan <ratti...@broad.mit.edu>
Subject AutoResultMap enhancement (map myField -> my_field)
Date Wed, 23 Jul 2008 12:51:37 GMT

I'm a new user of IBatis, and would like to suggest an enhancement to 
the behaviour of AutoResultMap.

Currently, AutoResultMap maps a property column 'MYFIELD' to a column 
'myField', and maps a column 'MY_FIELD' to a property 'my_field' (or 
some capitalized variant). This default behaviour is a little odd, since 
databases usually use underscores to separate words in column names, 
whereas JavaBean properties use camel case.

It would be nice to have an option to support this convention globally 
(e.g. <settings useUnderscores="true" />. The option would assume that a 
property names MY_FIELD maps to a property called myField. For even more 
flexibility, you could allow custom column name mapper to be specified 
(a la hibernate) - using a similar approach to TypeHandlers.

The benefit is that it could eliminate a lot of aliasing that is 
currently required in SqlMaps when using this convention.

Also, would it be possible to allow a <resultMap/> to use the 
AutoResultMap behaviour for properties that aren't specified in the 
mapping. This behaviour could be specified as follows.  <resultMap ... 
auto="true"/> This would simplify result mapping where only a couple of 
properties deviate from the default.


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