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From Christopher.Mathru...@sybase.com
Subject Re: Performance issue when using Glassfish
Date Fri, 20 Jun 2008 23:58:43 GMT
Hey Clinton,

I'm not using the logging as a benchmark but rather just trying to figure 
out what is going wrong. I spent some more time with this issue and I'm 
using a utility that captures the TDS communication between the 
application and my ASE server. One thing that I've noticed is that while 
the SQL statement is being logged out to the log file it appears that the 
SQL is not being sent to the server in a timely fashion. Actually, at this 
point I am running the application in Tomcat and I see the statement to be 
executed but no data sent via TDS. I'm wondering if there is a chance that 
I have a library out of sync that is not compatible with iBatis. Is there 
anything that you can think where I might look to see if this is the case?

Thanks for the help..

Chris Mathrusse
Sybase, Inc
One Sybase Drive
Dublin, CA 94568
(925) 236-5553

"Clinton Begin" <clinton.begin@gmail.com> 
06/18/2008 01:33 PM
Please respond to


Re: Performance issue when using Glassfish

Couple of things here....

1) I belive the ResultSet line is printed after all of the results are 
finished being read.  Even if that's not the case line-for-line with 
iBATIS, it's possible the driver is actually prefetching a group of 
records upon the first access of he result set. 

2) Using iBATIS logging for performance benchmarking is a bad idea. iBATIS 
logging is very resource intensive and is only intended for debugging.  It 
should be shut off in production and during performance testing. 

I recommend a proper profiling tool that will let you introspect deeper 
into your application.  I belive there are free profilers for both Eclipse 
and NetBeans.


On Wed, Jun 18, 2008 at 2:23 PM, <Christopher.Mathrusse@sybase.com> wrote:

I'm running iBatis within Spring 2.5 inside of Glassfish. 
(Actually, I was running inside of Tomcat without any issues) We are 
migrating to Glassfish and the only change I've made is to utilize the 
resources from Glassfish, via JNDI. This includes the TX Manager as well 
as all DataSources. Should be not problem and no issues but I seem to be 
hitting a performance issue down deep in iBatis. I see the initial hit on 
the Dao, and I can see the Prepared Statement being generated. No issues 
there. I see the values that are bound to the statement and I can see it 
getting executed. (I intercept all the jTDS calls to the Sybase ASE so I 
can line up invocation timestamps) But it seems from the time that iBatis 
is executing the SQL to the time that it is reading the results that 
something is happening that is consuming a great deal of time. 

TDS interception shows: 
[2008-06-18 13:06:21.145] Thread-11: Client->Server: read 400 from client. 
[2008-06-18 13:06:40.319] Thread-11: Client->Server: read 187 from client. 

As you can see over 18 seconds went somewhere. 

>From the log4j logging: 
2008-06-18 13:06:21,082 [httpSSLWorkerThread-8080-1 : ] 
[DEBUG,PreparedStatement] {pstm-100010} Types: [java.lang.Integer, 
2008-06-18 13:06:40,303 [httpSSLWorkerThread-8080-1 : ] [DEBUG,ResultSet ] 
{rset-100011} ResultSet 

Same as above, 18+ seconds went somewhere. 
I can't seem to get the logging in ibatis to work. I've added it to my 
log4j configuration but for some reason nothing is printed out from 
iBatis. (Spring dumps well though so I can get some idea about what is 

I know that this is an extremely odd issue but I was hoping that someone 
may have seen something like this prior. 
Thanks for the help... 


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