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From Toby Thain <t...@smartgames.ca>
Subject Re: Transaction problem
Date Mon, 09 Jun 2008 12:51:15 GMT

On 9-Jun-08, at 5:31 AM, Dott. Christian OLIVIERI wrote:

> Toby Thain ha scritto:
>> On 9-Jun-08, at 3:43 AM, Dott. Christian OLIVIERI wrote:
>>> Hi, I'm a newbie and the following is my problem:  I have a db  
>>> MySQL managing personal information. That I would do is: everyone  
>>> can READ single record. If someone open the record x to update/ 
>>> delete no one other can do the same (edit/update) till first user  
>>> don't commit.
>>> I was thinking Local Transaction was the answer but if user A  
>>> open a record in update then user B open the same record, B is  
>>> hanged untill timeout ends.
>> Which is exactly what you asked for. :)
>>> How to alter timeout value?
>> It's a MySQL configuration setting (innodb_lock_wait_timeout).
>> --Toby
>>> Thanks a lot.
>>> Christian
> Hi Toby tnks for your help.
> I'll explain my problem:
> * All user may (always) views record data form db with SELECT  
> statement.
> * If User A wants edit/delete record xx, this must be locked for  
> update/delete operations. Other users can read (SELECT) always (If  
> dirty reading too) but they can't update/delete.
>   Only User A can edit/delete current record. When updated/deleted  
> the record will unlocked and  other users can edit/delete.
> Is possible change innodb_lock_wait_timeout at runtime at runtime,  
> or do you know a way to intercept hang status using transactions to  
> throw a messagebox to user to notify record locking?

OK, from your new description database-level locking isn't your  
answer. Instead you can set a flag (e.g. "locked by user id") at the  
application level and implement whatever user interface you need, in  
your client side application.


> Tnks a lot

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