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From "Jesse Reimann" <jreim...@ctigroup.com>
Subject Abator Unsupported Data Type Oracle "TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE"
Date Thu, 27 Mar 2008 22:28:40 GMT
I'm using the Oracle datatype "TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE" in my database
and when using Abator I get the following error


"Unsupported Data Type in table TEST.CALL_DATA_DETAIL, column:
INITIATION_DATE, column ignored"


I tried setting up a columnOveride for it since I am just going to map
it to a java.util.Date and use the Timestamp JDBC type however it seems
that my columnOveride is not valid because the column has been ignored.


I have found a workaround which is to change my TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE
columns to just TIMESTAMP in my DB and then run Abator for the code
generation and then revert the DB columns back to "TIMESTAMP WITH TIME
ZONE" since the generated code will work fine with either database
column definition.


Is there some other way to resolve this so I don't have to modify my
database column definitions every time I need to regenerate my code with




Jesse Reimann


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