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From "Jesse Reimann" <jreim...@ctigroup.com>
Subject RE: iBATIS Batching with Spring DAO
Date Wed, 05 Mar 2008 16:56:58 GMT
Thanks for the help. I had seen that code example before but not from
the Spring doc so didn't understand the context. After playing with it
for a bit I was able to get some test code working with the batching
using that method.


I don't know if it's my environment config or what but I had to make a
couple tweaks to get the example code to work

I had to make the Account final so the inner class could access it and
also have the inner class return an object.

I'm new to Java (I have a C++ and C# background) so still trying to get
a handle on the language as well as all these frameworks.


public class SqlMapAccountDao extends SqlMapClientDaoSupport implements
AccountDao {
    public void insertAccount(final Account account) throws
DataAccessException {
        getSqlMapClientTemplate().execute(new SqlMapClientCallback() {
            public Object doInSqlMapClient(SqlMapExecutor executor)
throws SQLException {
                executor.update("insertAccount", account);
                executor.update("insertAddress", account.getAddress());
                return executor.executeBatch();



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