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From "n sravanthi" <nellisravan...@gmail.com>
Subject Problem with setting the bean variable
Date Mon, 17 Mar 2008 10:10:32 GMT
I am getting the following exception for the select query.
 com.ibatis.common.beans.ProbeException: Could not set property
'fltSalary' for EmployeeBean

The data type for the field in database is number(16,6) and I declared
it as float in the bean.
The select query for this is as follow:
<resultMap id="get-details" class="EmployeeBean">
<result property="strName" column="name" />
<result property="fltSalary" column="salary" />

<select id="getSalary" resultMap="get-details" parameterClass="EmployeeBean">
select name,salary
from Emp1
where empid = #intEmpId#
and dept = #strDept#

The values that salary field is holding are within the float range.Can
anyone please tell me why this exception is coming.

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