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From "Davide Rogora" <drog...@unionefiduciaria.it>
Subject Need help with query metadata caching (remapResults)
Date Fri, 22 Feb 2008 10:03:39 GMT
we have the following problem with iBatis.

Our application (web application using spring), in some cases does an
automatic upgrade of the database (add and drop colums on varous tables);
after this upgrade we have problems with iBatis, because iBatis by default
remembers what fields were returned the first time a query was run (so i.e.
if we add a new column, the value of this new column is not returned by

We've found two ways to solve this problem (but we don't like none of them):
1) Restart the web application (but this solution is not applicable in our
2) Set the remapResults attribute to "true" for each query (but it slows the

So, I'm asking you if there is a way, after our automatic db upgrade, to
tell iBatis to discard all the "cached" resultset metadata (so, the first
next time the query will be executed, iBatis will determine the correct
columns returned by the query).
Another solution could be to find a way to restart completely iBatis engine
without restarting the web application.

Is there a way to achieve one of these two hypothetic solutions?


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