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From <vrl_sw...@persistent.co.in>
Subject IBATIS Caching Layer [Selective Granular Invalidation]
Date Fri, 29 Feb 2008 06:48:28 GMT
Hi Clinton, Folks,

This is regarding the cache model and invalidation rules we define in IBATIS query xmls for
query caching. I have a typical requirement:

Lets us say we have select query P whose results we have cached, then some update/delete query
Q. IBATIS allows me to define "Invalidate P cache results whenever Q is executed".

Is there any way where i can propagate parameters values of Q to cache invalidation logic,
such that i can achieve selective  flushing of P cached results, based on the matching parameter

After debugging through IBATIS API i found two points:

1. The cache key generated by IBATIS is complicated one having lots of strings/longs.
2. There is no way of sending parameters of Q while flushing/invalidation during execution
of query Q.

If needed I can contribute on that requirement.

VRL Swamy Vadali

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