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From "Shams, Sadaf" <Sadaf.Sh...@LibertyMutual.com>
Subject Abator question
Date Mon, 28 Jan 2008 14:40:32 GMT


I have used Abator and it works great in all situations except the
following. Just want to know if the following is a bug or if there is
some specific reason why this does not work.

When I use Abator to generate Java classes that correspond to the fields
in a my database table, Abator generates property names based on column
name in the table. It works great for all other database fields except
for the following. Basically any field that has an "I_" in front of it
does not work. My program gives an error saying the property does not
exist. If I override the Abator generated property name to remove the
initial "i", then my program starts working. For instance if I change
the Abator generated "iCnvs" to "cnvs" then it works.

Database field                      Abator generated property name
I_INAC                                 iInac
I_TRMTN                              iTrmtn
I_TERM_CHNG                     iTermChng
I_CNVS                               iCnvs


Sadaf Shams
Liberty Mutual
225 Borthwick Ave,
Portsmouth, NH 03801
Ext: 54168

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