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From "Ashish Kulkarni" <ashish.kulkarn...@gmail.com>
Subject question about parameterMap and java class
Date Thu, 03 Jan 2008 18:46:34 GMT
I have a class like below with get and set method
public ColorClass
private String name, desc;

public void setName(String _name)
this.name = _name;
public String getName()
return name;


How can i define this ColorClass in parameterMap and use it in SQL statement
for varaible substituation.
<parameterMap mymap" class="java.util.Map">
     <parameter property="id" javaType="java.util.List" />
where id is list of ColorClass,

I have a SQL statement as below

select name, id from mytable

<dynamic prepend="where">
<iterate prepend="AND" property="id" open="("
close=")" conjunction="OR">

I want to use getName method to get name of the colorclass,

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