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From Darren Davison <dar...@davisononline.org>
Subject stored proc call with list items in parameter
Date Tue, 22 Jan 2008 11:38:05 GMT

is it possible to refer to list items from a parameter class in a call
to a stored proc?

If I have a class as follows that I use as a paramaterClass:

class Foo {
  List<Bar> bar;
  String name;

  // getters/setters omitted

class Bar {
  String name;
  //getters/setters omitted

.. and a SP mapping as follows:

<procedure id="testSP"
{ CALL my_pkg.odd_sp_using_foo (

obviously the above fails with;
There is no READABLE property named 'bar[0]' in class

Is there a way to make this work so that I can refer to indexed elements
in the list of Bar instances?


Darren Davison
Public Key: 0xE855B3EA

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