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From Darren Davison <dar...@davisononline.org>
Subject listing cache models
Date Thu, 13 Dec 2007 09:00:08 GMT

on our project we'd like to include an admin page that allows someone
to manually flush any particular cache that ibatis is using.

It looks like we can get an iterator over the cache models by doing
something like this (untried yet!);

ExtendedSqlMapClient ext = (ExtendedSqlMapClient) sqlMapClient;
SqlMapExecutorDelegate dlgt = ext.getDelegate();
Iterator iter = dlgt.getCacheModelNames();

and then iterate to get (I assume) CacheModel objects that I can flush
as needed.

But this looks a bit dodgy because of the initial cast.. I can't
guarantee that our SqlMapClient is also an ExtendedSqlMapClient as we're
using Spring support for ibatis and so we typically deal with the super
interface only [1]

Is there another way?


Darren Davison
Public Key: 0xE855B3EA

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